House of Prayer

Resurrection Sanctuary House of Prayer seeks to glorify and worship God
by contending for revival, breakthrough, and justice.

RS-HOP Schedule (1)

See Upcoming Events for specific dates and times. For more information, please see our FAQ page and House of Prayer…2 years later…

Because we are a contending house of prayer, our main focus will be on intercession. Undergirding all of our intercessory prayer is our belief that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to us today, and is still bringing what is dead back to life. We believe this for those who are dead in their sins, but we also believe that God can resurrect hopes, dreams, ministries, churches, marriages and more.

Because we believe in a God who created us for intimate fellowship with Him, we also want to provide a sanctuary — a safe place for people to find rest, peace, joy, healing, and refreshing as well as encouragement to pursue God’s presence. Our noon prayer or “prayer chapel hours” are especially geared towards that.

Since we are a fledgling house of prayer, we rarely have live musicians; however, there will always be an intercessor, or someone to pray with and for you, during the hours in which we are open.

Look for our “Open for Prayer” sign out front! You are welcome to come and go at any time that we are open for prayer, but we ask that you help us maintain a prayerful atmosphere, and that you honor the purpose and focus of the particular prayer set. We usually try to make some time available during or at the end of each set for personal prayer needs.

We are still in the planning, learning, and beginning stages, as we continue to seek God’s guidance, so please bear with us! If you are a worship leader, musician, or intercessor, and you are looking for a place to connect or a place to minister, we would love to meet you.

Devotional Prayer

Morning Prayer — Begin your day by connecting with God through prayer and His Word, as you commit your day to Him. If you are struggling with “morning devotions”, need prayer or encouragement, or simply want a fresh approach to your time with God, come join us! Our prayers are inspired by the rich tradition of morning prayers throughout the history of the Church.

Noon Prayer and/or Prayer Chapel Hours —  We may begin with a short time of Scripture reading and prayer together; however, for most of the time, the church will be open as a sanctuary for quiet prayer, contemplation, personal meditation, or study in God’s Word. Soft worship music (live or recorded)  is usually playing. If you have a specific prayer request, please let the intercessor know, and he/she will be happy to pray with or for you.

Intercessory Prayer Sets — Whatever your church affiliation, we want you to feel welcome to come pray with us. Participants may be invited to pray out loud or you can join into agreement with the prayers being offered. Whether anyone else shows up or not, the intercessor is committed to “stand in the gap” and “watch and pray” for the entire scheduled time.

The focus of intercessory prayer will vary and participants are encouraged to suggest topics or issues of need.

See Upcoming Events for dates and times.

Submit your prayer requests.

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