Mission Statement

In 2015, John and Rebecca Prewett felt led to purchase a historic church building in Nipomo and rename it “Resurrection Sanctuary”.

It is prayerfully dedicated to the Glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.

We seek to glorify God and advance His Kingdom by:

  1. Blessing and serving the Body of Christ
  2. Encouraging an increase of prayer in Nipomo and the Central Coast
  3. Providing a place where hearts and lives can be transformed by our Risen Lord

Blessing and serving the Body of Christ

  • It is not our desire that any church fellowship become homeless. Should a compatible local body of believers be facing this situation, we will prayerfully consider if we might be able to meet their needs during those times when the building is not already in use.
  • We hope to provide a place for events and gatherings that would be a blessing to the Body of Christ in Nipomo and beyond.
  • Our prayer is that God would allow us to be good and faithful stewards of this building, and that we might bless and serve Him as we bless and serve as much of His Body as possible.

Encouraging an increase of prayer in Nipomo

  • We believe that one of the best ways in which we can bless the Body of Christ and advance the Kingdom of God is by committing ourselves — and this facility — to regular times of intercessory prayer and worship.  Our main prayer focus would be for God’s purposes to be accomplished for Nipomo, this region, our country, and the world, and we feel especially led to pray for revival.
  • Like most church buildings, Resurrection Sanctuary currently sits empty and unused more hours than not. It is our hope to gradually begin filling those hours with more times of prayer and worship, so that this building would become known as a house of prayer.

Providing a place where hearts and lives can be transformed by our Risen Lord

  • It is our deepest desire that people would come to “know Him and the power of His resurrection” — that they would find new life, gain new hope, and experience new strength to follow Jesus — and that Resurrection Sanctuary would be a place where that could happen.
  • We continue to seek God’s guidance as we move forward in this new adventure, and we look forward to partnering in prayer with other believers.

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. We love and appreciate that you’ve stepped in to preserve this place long ago dedicated to the glory of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, and that your hearts are to steward this sanctuary for the purpose of furthering His Kingdom in our region. We especially resonate with your hearts to have ‘Resurrection Sanctuary’ restored as a house of prayer open to followers of Jesus from every stream to join together ‘as living stones built upon each other, Christ Jesus being the Chief Cornerstone’…to the glory of God!

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